Earthquake Problems

Earthquake Problems

Have you suffered damage to your home as a result of the earthquakes in North East Groningen? Has your property value dropped due to the earthquake problem? Or are you experiencing non-material damage caused by the earthquake? We can help you!

For several years now, earthquakes have been occurring in North East Groningen which are caused by gas production by NAM. In recent years, the number of earthquakes increased in frequency and intensity, and even up to 3.6 on the Richter Scale. The earthquakes have major consequences for residents of the area. We have much experience with earthquake problems and can assist you in several areas.  

A hefty impairment loss is the depreciation of property. It is known that the affected area has become less attractive for outsiders to settle or to buy housing due to the earthquakes, which directly affects the value of the property. The Stichting Waardevermindering door Aardbevingen Groningen (Stichting WAG), broadly translated as the Depreciation due to Earthquakes Foundation Groningen (WAG Foundation)] was established. 

We act as lawyers for the WAG Foundation. We have been able to hold NAM liable for the damages suffered, thanks to the foundation and its members. The judge issued a ruling in these proceedings on 2 September 2015. In short, the court ruled that NAM is liable for the depreciation of all the real estate that is located in the area where earthquakes were caused by gas extraction, regardless of whether there is any physical damage and whether the property is sold. NAM has now appealed against this ruling, but has also started negotiations with the government and our lawyers to find a solution.

The foundation currently has 3,000 participants. You can still sign up as a member of the foundation. For more information and to sign up, please visit

Material damage 
Many property owners in the affected area have house damage such as cracks and subsidence. Such damage can be submitted to the NAM. In many cases we see that dealing with the physical damage done to properties by NAM does not get resolved and that negotiations are not successful. For such cases, Steunpunt Bevingschade [Earthquake Damage Support Centre] has been established. Next to our lawyers, this support centre has a contractor, an appraiser and a damage expert on board. They jointly do the claims handling for you, so the damage will be repaired soon or you will receive compensation quickly. For more information, please visit or contact Henderi Lenting

Non-pecuniary damage
In addition to considerable material damage, many residents also suffer intangible damage as a result of the earthquakes. The victims’ quality of life has been affected by persistent anxiety, uncertainty and stress. People worry that another quake may cause injuries. They also worry about the value of their property. This leads to more physical and psychological complaints as well as sleeping problems. 

We have started summary proceedings in which both the NAM and the government have been summoned and non-material damage is claimed by approximately 200 individuals. If you want to apply for such a claim, please contact Yorick Boendermaker.

Legal Expenses Insurance
Do you hold a legal expenses insurance? Then the costs are covered by your legal expenses insurer. We have made agreements with virtually all legal expenses insurers about this. You can indicate your legal expenses insurer that you want to file a claim. The insurer then forwards the case. 

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