Civil service law

Civil service law

Wilt u de aanstelling van uw werknemer beëindigen? Bent u het niet eens met een besluit van uw werkgever? Of is er sprake van een conflict? Wij kunnen u van dienst zijn! 

Labour law at (semi) public institutions differs from that of employees in the private sector. Instead of entering into an employment contract (two-sided), officials are recruited by means of appointment (one-sided). This appointment is signed only by the employer. In addition, decisions are mentioned. Examples of decisions are: appointment decisions, reinstatement decisions, salary decisions, suspensions and dismissals. An official may submit a timely objection against a decision. Anyone who fails to do so or does not do so in time, can’t make any changes after the decision is made. 

In order to avoid problems, it is important to properly arrange employment matters in advance. We advise and assist  various (semi) public bodies such as municipalities, provinces, police, the justice department, care institutions and water authorities. In addition, individual officials and employees of the aforementioned institutions can come to us for legal advice and guidance. 

The rights and obligations of employees in education differ from both the civil andlabour law. For more information, please refer to the page about education law.

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