Contract law

Contract law

Do you need any assistance in drafting an agreement? Are agreements made not complied with and do you therefore want to terminate an agreement? Or has a dispute arisen from an agreement? We can help you!

Contract law

In everyday life, both in a private and business setting, you will regularly deal with various agreements. A good agreement prevents a lot of confusion, disputes and costs. When a contract is concluded, the parties generally get along well. All the more reason, therefore, to establish an agreement should a dispute arise. 

In order to draw up a good agreement, different questions have to be answered. This often appears easy, but the devil is in the details. A good example: we were recently asked to lay down the agreements that two parties had made in a franchise agreement. One of the stipulations was that the franchisee must make 75% of all purchases from the franchisor. This seems quite clear-cut at first glance. The question we posed to both parties was: "Is that 75% based on the purchase price, the sale price or the number of products/units?" The parties did not know how to answer this question, while the possible answers to this question could differ greatly. When this has not been thought through in advance, major discussions could arise later on. We do not only draft contracts but also serve as a committed sparring partner to ensure no issues are overlooked. The relatively small investment for a good contract always pays for itself. 

Full service
Contract law has much in common with other areas of law such as labour law, corporate law and real estate. Since we are a full-service firm, we are highly knowledgeable in all legal areas. If your case covers multiple legal areas, we bring knowledge from different legal areas together.

We can advise you on and assist you with:

  • drafting and reviewing contracts;
  • the termination of contracts (cancellation, termination, nullification);  
  • giving notice of defaulting case of non-compliance;
  • the identification of risks of non-performance because of - for example - bankruptcy;
  • disputes arising from an agreement.

Examples of recent questions to our lawyers in the field of contract law:

  • I received a response by email that the tender agreement has been agreed to. Does this constitute a legal contract? 
  • The other party does not respect its commitments. Can I terminate our agreement?  
  • I have recorded events on an A4 sheet. Can you draft it into a legal agreement?
  • How do I ensure that we can litigate in the Netherlands and make an attachment in case of disputes with a foreign contracting party?
  • I want to transfer my contract to someone else, is that possible?

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