German law

German law

Do you have business relations with German companies and are you active on the German market? Do you have a legal dispute with a German party on the fulfilment of an agreement? Are you looking for a Dutch lawyer who understands a ‘German problem’ from a Dutch perspective, but can assist you (if necessary in a proceedings) as a German lawyer? Or are you are sued in a German court? We can help you!

You can contact us in your own language, talk about your situation, your vision and aims without the intervention of a third party. This eases communication and is of utmost importance for getting advice that’s made to measure. In addition, we can highlight both the existing cultural and obvious differences between German and Dutch law clearly and work together with you towards a solution to a problem or aim. 

Among other things, we can advise you on and guide you with:

  • labour law issues under German legislation;
  • conducting civil proceedings in the German courts when it comes to corporate law disputes or civil proceedings in the field of contract law;
  • distribution and agency contracts and/or litigation;
  • drafting and reviewing German terms and conditions;
  • collection of accounts receivable in Germany;
  • starting a new venture and/or setting up a company in Germany.

Examples of recent questions sent to our lawyers in the field of German law:

  • I have been asked to become managing director of a German limited liability company. How does that affect my position?
  • I have a staff member whom I would like to dismiss in our German subsidiary. How does that work?
  • I plan to buy a German company. Can you help me with that?
  • My company has been sued by a German district court. What do proceedings look like in Germany and could you help me with it?
  • I have a dispute with a German trade partner. What do I do now?

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