IT law

IT law

Are you about to conclude an IT contract? Has your website been offline due to a malfunction in your hosting company? Are you unsatisfied with the performance of delivered software? Do you want to start a web shop? Or do you have a question about the collection, storage or transmission of personal data? We can help you!

Because of the digitalisation of our society, IT law is becoming increasingly important. It is a legal area that is rapidly developing. We always keep abreast of the latest developments in this field. We also have the necessary technical knowledge. This allows us to be the connecting link between the client and the supplier. We assist in the preparation of clear agreements, translate the wishes of the client and explain technical jargon. We also help with the identification of risks. What are the consequences if a website or some software does not work properly? Who pays for possible damage? And how soon must the supplier provide a solution? 

We provide clients (private and business) as well as suppliers with advice. We also assist you with negotiations or proceedings when necessary.   

Full service
IT law has much in common with other areas of law such as intellectual property law, as well as corporate law and contract law. Since we are a full-service agency we are highly knowledgeable in all legal areas. If your case covers multiple legal areas, we bring knowledge from different legal areas together.

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