Debt collection

Debt collection

Does your debtor not pay you? Would you want someone else to do the debt collection for you so that it can be done quicker? Would you like advice on - for example - your debtor management? We can help you! 

Nothing is more annoying than unpaid invoices. A quarter of all companies go bankrupt because of invoices that are paid late or not at all. We help you collect the money you are entitled to. We can help you with individual debt as well as bulk debt collections.

In consultation with you, we define the process. We have the most effective means to force your debtor to pay, meaning resources that are not available to a bailiff or collection agency. We can - for example - immediately distrain or apply for bankruptcy after an extrajudicial collection process.

Full service
Collection has a lot in common with other areas of law such as contract law, bankruptcy law and corporate law. Since we are a full-service firm, we are highly knowledgeable in all legal areas. If your case covers multiple legal areas, we bring knowledge from different legal areas together.

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