Have you been in an accident in which you have suffered an injury? Are you a victim of a medical error made by a doctor? Or have you lost your loved one due to an accident or medical error? We can help you. 

Accidents happen. People get hurt physically and mentally every day. Often accidents happen on the road or at work, but also due to medical errors or an animal's actions. 

When someone else is responsible for your injury, you are, in theory, entitled to compensation. If a victim dies as a result of an accident or mistake, then then there is damage from death and survivors are entitled to compensation under certain conditions. 

When it comes to personal injury or loss cases, victims can seek redress for the lawyer’s costs from the insurance company. That means that legal assistance is paid for by the insurance company and that the victim does not bear the cost. This is only possible when liability is recognised. In some cases, there is little discussion about liability, such as is usually the case in a rear-end collision. In other cases, such as with medical  malpractice, liability is a lot more complicated. 

If liability is (still) not recognised, there are several opportunities to get legal assistance, such as legal aid, no cure no pay, legal expenses insurance or based on an hourly rate. You will receive expert assistance at all times and we will look after the legal issues related to your injury. You can therefore focus on your recovery and future.

Our personal injury lawyers operate nationwide. You can contact any branch of our office. One of the personal injury lawyers is affiliated with the LSA, the Vereniging van Letselschade Advocaten [Association of Personal Injury Lawyers]. The first meeting is free of charge with no obligation. During this initial meeting, we will discuss the possibilities. If necessary, this conversation can take place at home. We also organise a walk-in evening on the last Thursday of each month from 6PM until 8PM. 

Full service
Personal injury has much in common with other areas of law such as labour law (victims who are employed), corporate law (business owners who are victims of - for example - an accident and who see their revenues decline or their (replacement) cost increase) and administrative law (disputes with the - for example - government about WWB benefits (Wet, Werk en Bijstand) [Work and Social Assistance Act] or WMO facilities (Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning)[Social Support Law). In addition, there can be overlaps with criminal law  (for example, when there is a crime, or if the public prosecutor will not prosecute). Since we are a full-service firm, we are highly knowledgeable in all legal areas. If your case covers multiple legal areas, we bring knowledge from different legal areas together.

We can provide advice on and guidance with: 

  • the recovery of damages incurred during your work (accident);
  • the recovery of damages as a result of abuse;
  • the recovery of damages as a result of a medical error;
  • the recovery of damages caused by children or animals;
  • the recovery of damages following a road accident;
  • the recovery of damages caused during the practice of a sport.

Examples of recent questions sent to our lawyers in the field of personal injury:

  • I have been hit in a rear-end collision and now I have pain in my neck. Can I seek redress?
  • I've been bitten by a dog. Can I seek redress from the dog’s owner?
  • I have injuries following a surgery in the hospital. From whom can seek redress?  
  • I've been involved in a bar fight where I lost a tooth. My health insurance does not cover these costs. Can I hold someone else liable for these costs?
  • I broke my leg during a staff outing. Is my employer liable? 
  • I was involved in a traffic accident as a cyclist, but did not give right of way. Can I still hold the insurer of the car liable?

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