Education Law

Education Law

Do you wish to terminate your employee’s employment? Do you have a disagreement with the Joint Consultative Committee? Or do you want to know under what circumstances a student can be removed from school? We can help you!

We know the education sector and provide many educational institutions across the country with advice on employment and local education law issues. We will, if necessary, assist them with negotiations or proceedings. Education workers, parents and students can also come to us.

Our support does not necessarily have to extend to taking over the entire situation and can also consist of an initial assessment of the situation, or some advice in the background. We can also organise workshops and training sessions in consultation with you, which can be completely tailored to your organisation.

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Various legal areas come together in education law. In the area of ​labour issues, education law makes a distinction between public and special education. Employees working in public education are civil servants and are governed bycivil law, while employees working in special education are covered by labour law. In addition, education law often overlaps with employee participation, liability law and administrative law.

Among other things, we can provide advice on and guidance with:

  • appointment and dismissal;
  • employee participation;
  • Suitable education;
  • funding and housing;
  • admission and exclusion;
  • compulsory education;
  • governance.

Examples of recent questions sent to our lawyers in the field of education law:

  • In what cases does the education employer owe a transition allowance?
  • How do I expel an employee?
  • What is the Joint Consultative Committee able to do in case of a merger?
  • Have all the requirements been met to remove a student from school?
  • Can my child get an exemption from compulsory education?

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