Sports law

Sports law

Are you a professional athlete, trainer or coach and do you want advice on player contracts? Has your picture appeared in the paper without your permission? Are you wondering whether you can be held liable as an association or (sports) director? Or do you want to organise a sports event and wonder whether you need a permit for it? We can help you!

Sport and law are closely linked at both the amateur and professional level. Sports law affects virtually all legal areas. Examples include corporate law(including statutes and regulations), employment law(including employment contracts), liability law (including association and management) and intellectual property(including image rights and merchandising). Issues in the field of sports law are not tied to a specific legal area. Since we are a full-service agency, we can assist you in all areas. We handle legal matters for sports clubs, individual athletes and sponsors. This allows us to approach issues from different perspectives.

We can provide advice on and assistance with:

  • drafting a code of conduct, rules and protocols;
  • drafting and terminating employment contracts;
  • rent, property and leasehold of sporting facilities;
  • Conflicts among members and the Board;
  • transfers to and from your sports club;
  • complex doping cases;
  • drafting of sponsorship contracts;
  • Liability for injury incurred in the course of sport.

Examples of recent questions sent to our lawyers in the field of sports law:

  • My picture is in the paper without my permission. Is that allowed?
  • What is the best type of organisation for our sports club?
  • Is the board of an association responsible for the financial policy?
  • Can I ask the council to reduce the rent of the sports fields?
  • My suspension is unjustified. What can I do?
  • One of our sponsors does not pay his sponsorship. What now?
  • Are we as sports club responsible if an injury occurs?
  • May we give our volunteers compensation?

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