Criminal law

Criminal law

What few people know is that De Haan Lawyers & Solicitors is an office with a long history in criminal law. In 1980, Winfryd De Haan established a criminal law practice at the Turfsingel in Groningen. He was one of the first independent criminal lawyers in the country. In three decades, the business developed from a one-man criminal law practice to the largest legal service provider in the north of the Netherlands.

To this day, we have our own specialised criminal law office located at the Turfsingel in Groningen. At this branch you will find six lawyers who are fully specialised in the field of criminal law. Although the office is established in Groningen, it is active throughout the country. This means that clients are assisted across the country. For a criminal defence lawyer you can therefore make an appointment at any branch so you will never have to travel further than necessary.

The legal support in criminal law covers all areas of criminal law. You can think of assault, robbery, drug cases, drunk driving, murder/manslaughter and sexual abuse cases. But also for specialised areas of criminal law, including juvenile justice and economic crimes, please contact our specialist criminal lawyers. In addition, this office deals with so-called Bijzondere Opnemingen in Psychiatrische Ziekenhuizen (Bopz) [Special Admissions to Psychiatric Hospitals] such as compulsory admission to psychiatric hospitals by means of a judicial authorisation.

We assist clients both on the basis of government funding (pro bono) or on a paid basis. The Raad voor Rechtsbijstand [Board for public funding] will decide whether you are eligible for public funding. We will, where appropriate, apply for this funding for you.

We believe that everyone deserves a good defence. We offer these both before and during criminal proceedings. We offer this before a police interview or, if you have received an invitation from the police or the prosecution, our criminal lawyers will provide you with good advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us, because especially in a criminal case, the first contacts with the police are of great importance for the further course of the proceedings.

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