Trade, transport and logistics

Trade, transport and logistics

The Dutch economy traditionally has been strongly focused on international trade and logistic services. Ever increasing customer demands require increasingly specialist knowledge in order to manage complex flows of goods dependably, timely, and cost efficiently. Businesses that operate in those sectors must deliver to the highest standards, each day. This requires legal support from a partner who understands their markets and is continually up to date with the latest developments.

The lawyers and civil law notaries in our trade, transport & logistics team can advise and assist with disputes in the area of road transport, goods storage and transfer, air and sea freight, chartering and forwarding, nationally and internationally. In addition, we assist with customs and fiscal issues. We have broad experience in areas such as the preparation of tailor-made logistics contracts, cargo claims processing, and resolving disputes with chartering and forwarding agreements, as well as specialist knowledge of customs law and the provision of regulatory advice, for example, in matters concerning transport and storage of waste and hazardous substances.

Full service provider

We have been active as a full-service providing law firm for more than 25 years. Given our field of specialisation- trade, transport and logistics- we are in our element at Schiphol International. Both principals and service providers can rely on us for legal advice and support with all legal issues concerning trade, transport and logistics. We understand your industry and we have the knowledge to be able to support you effectively in all legal matters. Trade, transport and logistics together form a hub in which multiple areas of law and regulatory systems touch one other  including liability law, employment law, administrative law and company law. Because we are a full service law firm, we have pertinent knowledge and expertise of all those areas under our own roof. If your issue involves multiple legal aspects, we gather and combine all those facts into a legal base covering all aspects of the case. And, we are glad to assist regional businesses and institutions in other areas as well, such as  M&A and via our German Desk. 

We advise and assist in the area of trade, transport and logistics, with the following services:

  • preparing tailor-made logistics contracts;
  • claiming cargo loss or damage;
  • recourse procedures;
  • advice with complex outsourcing structures;
  • international trade and distribution contracts;
  • legal proceedings involving trade disputes;
  • mergers & acquisitions.

Examples of recent questions concerning trade, transport, and logistics:

  • The stevedore refuses to release our containers due to bankruptcy of a large ship-owner. What can I do?
  • I have goods in storage with a logistic services provider which have been damaged by fire. How can I claim my loss?
  • I own a transport business and have been approached by a foreign buyer. Are you able to advise?
  • I have received an order from a large customer and plan to outsource certain activities to a logistic service provider. How do I seal this in a contract?
  • I have received a large export order from a customer in the Middle East. Can you advise what terms of delivery would best serve my interests?
  • I wish to terminate a contract with my carrier. How can I do this without incurring a loss?
  • We are preparing to supply our European customers from the Netherlands. Are you able to assist with preparing the contracts?
  • I am bound to the CMR, or is it possible to have my liability cover increased?
  • My goods are seized by a carrier. I am now unable to deliver to my customers and could face a penalty. Can I avoid this?

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