Starting a business

Starting a business

Is the ink of your business plan barely dry and do you already burst with energy to get started with your new venture to conquer the market? You have investigated everything well and you are organised. But have you also considered the legal aspects of entrepreneurship for now and for the future?

We can imagine that you'd want to get started hassle-free and not dwell on the legal consequences of entrepreneurship straight away. Sooner or later every business will deal with the legal aspects of entrepreneurship. At that time, it is important that your business is not only commercially organised, but also in terms of legal issues. We can educate and assist with the preparation of an excellent legal structure for you as an entrepreneur and especially for your company. By starting a conversation with you and thinking along with you, we do not only look at your current situation but also to the future. You can also expect us to deliver a tailor-made solution and provide (legal) certainty when it comes to the legal aspects of starting a business. Do not wait as a starting entrepreneur and start a discussion with our (junior) solicitors regarding your situation and future plans.

Among other things, we can advise you on and guide you with:

  • choosing and establishing/entering into the right type of legal form;
  • entering your company into the Commercial Register;
  • entering into a partnership with other entrepreneurs, be it through an unincorporated entity (partnership, general partnership or limited partnership) or through a corporate legal entity (private limited liability company, limited liability company, foundation, association or cooperative);
  • Aligning your private life and professional life legally.

Examples of recent questions to our  solicitors:

  • I need a private limited liability company urgently. Can it be established within a day?
  • I'm not always present in the company. Can I authorise a third party to act on behalf of my company?
  • I want to start a company. Which legal form is best for my situation?
  • I am married/have a partner and want to start a company. Are there any risks for my spouse/partner when I have a business?

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