Estate planning and donations

Estate planning and donations

Would you like to take full advantage of the possibilities the law offers in order to transfer your assets as favourably as possible? We would like to help you!

We advise you how to transfer your built up (family) capital to the next generation or other beneficiaries as advantageously as possible. By making a plan early on, significant savings in terms of inheritance tax and gift tax can be achieved, where the consequences for income tax and other taxes are optimised as much as possible.

Many people think that estate planning is only interesting to elderly people with considerable capital. With assets of any size, however, it is always wise for you to consider the possibilities of estate planning early on. For entrepreneurs, it is even more important than for private individuals to make the right choices in order to make the best use of tax facilities.

Among other things, we can advise you on and guide you with:

  • calculating tax implications of "inaction" and gifts during your lifetime as well as various types of wills;
  • setting up a donation plan;
  • certifying assets;
  • optimising your prenuptial agreement, partnership conditions or will.

Examples of recent questions to our solicitors:

  • My house has no mortgage. Shall I transfer it to the children already?
  • The profit made by my company is immediately reinvested. I do not find it justified to withdraw money to give to my children. Is there another way?
  • My child wants to buy a house. How can I best support that?
  • My grandchildren are too young to handle money responsibly. Are there any possibilities for me to donate money to them without making it available to them at this stage?
  • Can I donate my car to my nephew?

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