(Foreclosure) auctions

(Foreclosure) auctions

Do you need help with organising an auction? Would you like advice on whether you should organise an online auction or a live auction? Or are you looking for a supervisor? We can help you!

We have extensive experience in organising and supervising auctions. This applies to auctions of movable and immovable property, voluntary auctions, foreclosure auctions, auctions in an auction hall and online auctions. These auctions are organised throughout the Netherlands. Foreclosure auctions cooperate with various regional auctions. A publication of auctions can be found onhttp://www.veilingbiljet.nl/

for example. We are a point of contact for a number of banks in relation to organising foreclosure auctions. We have good relationships with the staff of special management departments. This allows fast, effective and purposeful communication during the auction process. We focus on solutions and we understand the social sensitivities surrounding foreclosure auctions. We try to make sure the process comes to a good end for all involved.

Among other things, we can provide advice on and guidance with:

  • organising online and/or room auctions of real estate.
  • supervising (online) auctions of movables.
  • facilitating workflow processes of special management departments.
  • Offering to place a bid at an auction.

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