Restructuring and refinancing

Restructuring and refinancing

Has your company grown into a group of companies and entities over the years? Do you have a clear understanding of the money flows between the companies and entities of your group? Have you ever considered that the legal structure of your company could be simplified?

A company that once started as a limited liability company can grow into becoming a large group over the years. As an entrepreneur you are constantly tapping into new markets, starting new activities while old activities cease. At the time, it is not immediately obvious that the old legal structure should be cleared. We understand better than anyone that old activities can be profitable again in the future. However, it is important to realise that a plurality of unused, "empty" private companies or entities does not just cost money, but often results in a lack of clarity about the internal money flows. Together we can assess your legal structure and put things in order. If necessary, we can create an overview of your legal structure by merging or dissolving 'empty' companies. If required, we can put certain activities (such as real estate) elsewhere within your structure by using a division. In the end, you can expect an optimal legal structure from us. Interested? Please feel free to contact our (junior) solicitors. They are available to you.

Among other things, we can advise on and guide with:

  • optimising your legal structure through legal mergers, legal separations and dissolutions;
  • capturing debt acquisitions, transferring assets and establishing settlements of claims with debts;
  • drafting up overdraft and loan agreements;
  • the unbundling of a group, because of - for example - a separation due to arguments.

Examples of recent questions sent to our solicitors:

  • I have a number of 'empty' companies that need to be cleared. What are the differences between mergers and dissolutions and which is best in my case?
  • The property of my group should be placed in a separate limited liability company. How can this be done and there are any tax implications?
  • My group has been restructured. What are the consequences for preparing financial statements?
  • Part of my group isn’t doing very well. How can I prevent a potential bankruptcy from affecting the parts that are doing well?

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