Living Will

Living Will

Who takes care of your affairs (or matters) and signs important documents if you stay abroad regularly? Who takes care of (or manages/organises) the sale of your home if you are admitted to a nursing home and you can no longer return home? Who ensures that you are kept safe in case you suffer from dementia? We would like to help you! 

There are many situations imaginable whereby you will need to make important decisions or sign papers, which you won’t be able to do. This may be temporary because you live abroad or due to prolonged illness or coma. But it can also be permanent if you are no longer legally capable because of Alzheimer’s disease. In a living will, you determine who may act on your behalf.

A living will is actually a comprehensive power of attorney to one or more people that you trust completely. In a living will you put your wishes, determining how your curator should act. Think about your wishes regarding your medical matters, finances, housing and - if applicable - your company.

Unlike an ordinary will, the living will applies to your life instead of your death. A living will and regular will complement each other.

We can, among other things, provide advice and guidance when you:

  • choose one or more suitable power of attorneys for financial and business affairs;
  • choose one or more power of attorneys to represent you in the medical field;
  • appoint a supervisor of the power of attorney;
  • Determining where the power of attorney takes effect and ends.

Examples of recent questions to our solicitors:

  • Who controls my banking if I can not, and who completes my tax return?
  • How do others find out I have drawn up a living will?
  • Can I add what I would like to happen to my pet?
  • How do I prevent my company from becoming unmanageable if I suddenly am unable to run it?
  • What happens if I do not have a living will, and I myself am not able to make decisions?
  • I am married. Why do I also need a living will?
  • I have no confidant. Can I still create a living will? 
  • I already have a will. Do I also have to make a living will?


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