Transfer and issue of shares

Transfer and issue of shares

Have you found a suitable acquisition candidate for your company and do you want to transfer or issue shares to him or her? Or would you like to take over a company and participate in its share capital? You probably know better than anyone what purpose you want to achieve and how to do it. Have you thought about the legal situation that arises after the shares have been transferred? Are you well-prepared for such a situation? And what if things go differently in the future than what you hope for now?

We understand that entering into a collaboration is not something you do every day and therefore it can be an exciting situation. Interests may be substantial and have an impact on the future. It is therefore important to properly arrange matters now, also in terms of the legal aspects of your transaction. We would like to assist and guide you where necessary. We will not only pay attention to the substance of the transaction, but also focus on the underlying terms and conditions agreed upon. With our service, you can trust that your transaction is and will be legally tenable. We go further than just drafting a deed of transfer or issuing shares for you. Please do not wait to share your plans with our (junior) solicitors. They are open to all your questions and can also assist you at an early stage and offer recommendations when it comes to equity transactions.

Among other things, we can advise and assist you with:

  • drafting notarial deeds of transfer or issuing shares;
  • transferring your company or participating in another company;
  • drawing up finance documentation and creating security interests (mortgage rights, pledges, guarantees and sureties) in case of acquisitions and investments;
  • documenting the rights and obligations in collaborative efforts through voting agreements, joint venture agreements and shareholders’ agreements;
  • conducting a due diligence investigation.

Examples of recent questions to our solicitors:

  • I want to participate in the company of my boss. What should I look out for?
  • I have found an investor for my business. How do I make sure I remain in control in the company?
  • I want to transfer the shares of my personal holding company. Does that have any tax consequences and is it possible to mitigate any consequences?
  • One of my children wants to take over the shares of my company but does not have the financial resources. How can I arrange that all my children are treated equally?

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