Breaking up

Breaking up

If you are breaking up, many things have to be sorted. Will we sell our house or will one of us continue to live there? Should there still be a deduction of ‘own funds’ invested into the house from the payout of the house’s equity? How should our furniture be distributed? Should the will be changed? And what about our pensions? We would like to help you! 

Whether you are married, in a civil partnership or living together, a separation has major consequences. There are many practical issues that need to be sorted out. We can rescind a cohabitation agreement. We can draw up a contract stipulating how the joint assets are to be distributed. Do you own a property and have a mortgage? Then we can help you with the distribution.

We can advise and guide you with

  • who gets the house. We draw up the deed and submit this to the Land Register;
  • the financial settlement between the two of you. Who has which rights;
  • the conversations with the bank to ensure that only the person who continues to live in the house can still be held liable for the mortgage debt;
  • the smooth running of the money flow. We can take care of this through our quality account so you don’t have to wait until your ex-partner pays.

Examples of recent questions to our solicitors:

  • The house has been in my name when we got married. Is a partition deed still necessary?
  • I can’t pay my ex-partner the equity of our house in one go. How do we solve this?
  • The past year I paid for the entire cost of the house. Am I now solely entitled to mortgage relief? Our house is flooded.
  • Do I remain responsible for the mortgage?


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