Distribution after the breakup of your relationship

Distribution after the breakup of your relationship

Do you share an apartment which is encumbered with a mortgage? And have you decided to break up? We can help you!

Whether you are married, in a registered partnership or live together, a breakup has major consequences. There are many issues that need to be settled and things that need to be distributed. Especially if you own a home together. In that case, the distribution should always take place with a solicitor. Questions that can then be addressed are: Are you going to sell your house or can one of you continue to live in the house? When the payout of the house's equity occurs, should you still take your "own money" that has been invested into the house into account? Or has one of you already paid a part of the mortgage of financed a rebuilding? How do you divide the contents? And what about your pension? We can provide advice on and guidance with:

who gets the house on his/her name. We draw up the deed and submit it to the Land Register.

  • the financial settlement between you both. The financial settlement occurs via our trust account, so you do not have to wait to see if your ex-partner actually pays.   
  • Arranging the payment with the bank ensures that only the person who continues to reside in the house can still be held liable for the mortgage debt;
  • adjusting your will. 
  • Examples of recent questions sent to our solicitors:

    • The house was already in my name before we got married. Is a deed of division still necessary?

    • I am not able to pay my ex-spouse the excess value of our house at once. How can we solve this?
    • During the last year I have paid for all the costs of the house on my own. Do I alone now also qualify for mortgage relief?
    • My ex-partner continues to live in our house which is currently under water. Do I remain liable for the mortgage?

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