About De Haan

About De Haan

Founder and namesake Winfryd de Haan started the office in 1980. After finishing his studies, he established a criminal law practice at the Turfsingel in Groningen. By doing so, he became one of the first independent criminal lawyers in the country. But the ambition went further. In 1990 it was decided to further develop the office and transition into commercial civil advocacy.

In three decades, we went from being a sole criminal practice to the largest legal service provider of the north of the Netherlands. With 160 employees we are among the top 20 of the largest law firms in the country. We assist you professionally and privately with a selection of lawyers, solicitors, courses and training. With 80 lawyers and 10 (junior) solicitors, we offer all kinds of specialisations. Additionally, there are lawyers that are specialised in both German and Dutch law and are entitled to litigate throughout Germany. Our employees are strong and ambitious professionals who are not afraid to show courage and fight for the interests of our clients. They work with ambition and creativity at seven locations above the rivers every day. In recent years, we have also located ourselves in Almere and Zwolle to be easily accessible for clients and contacts in the centre and West of the country. We also have a partnership with Stoffregen & Janssen based in Hamburg. That way we are always close to the client.

Our office is characterised by the desire to innovate. The world around us is changing rapidly. The future offers unprecedented opportunities and unlimited possibilities. Globalisation, digitalisation, new markets, a culture of claiming, upscaling and expansion against the backdrop of an improving economy. We anticipate new developments and prepare ourselves today for developments and issues the client gets to deal with tomorrow. As one of the most entrepreneurial firms in the Netherlands, we are at the heart of society and we do not shy away from complex cases. We are open to new approaches and other points of view with a strong focus on the world, the region and our clients. Quality, accessibility, efficiency and cost control are our key priorities. The pursuit of the highest possible quality and service excellence is also reflected in the fact that we possess an ISO:9001 certificate since November 2011. We have a clear vision and marketing strategy. We do not just wait for individual clients, but also actively approach the market. We do this by - for example - providing solutions for issues we identify in society.

A typical example of our approach is the case that we filed on behalf of the Foundation Impairment by the Groningen Earthquakes (Stichting WAG) at the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) [Dutch Petroleum Company]. This case not only confirms our proven expertise, but also the success of our approach. Our approach can be summarised to ‘think differently, do differently’. With this method, we anticipate the ‘lawyers of the future’ whereby a market-oriented approach and an entrepreneurial vision are key starting points.


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