Stichting Hypotheekclaim [Mortgage Claim Foundation]

Stichting Hypotheekclaim [Mortgage Claim Foundation]

From 1 January 2013 onwards, clients have to pay for their mortgage advice. Such a consultation often exceeds € 2,000. For such a price you can expect full and correct advice, tailored to your personal situation.

Homeowners who had a mortgage before 1 January 2013 and have transferred to an annuity or linear mortgage after 1 January 2013 have received incomplete or incorrect advice from their mortgage consultant. The damage incurred by the owners based on incorrect mortgage advice can easily mount up to tens of thousands of euros in each case.

Stichting Hypotheekclaim [Dutch Morgage Claim Foundation] would like to see incorrect mortgage refinancing stop and mortgage advice quality in general improve drastically. Owners who want to refinance their mortgage in the future and who can still take advantage of the old regulation should be better informed. In addition, homeowners who have refinanced their mortgage after 1 January 2013 have been reimbursed the damage suffered. The foundation has asked De Haan Lawyers & Solicitors to assist the participants with their individual claims.

Take the test
On the Stichting Hypotheekclaim [Dutch Morgage Claim Foundation] website by answering three simple questions to see whether you may have been misinformed. Also, by completing your gross monthly income (and that of your partner) and the amount of your current mortgage, you can indicatively see what damage you have suffered. Take the test on the website to see if you are eligible for compensation.

For a one time fee of € 25 your case is reviewed by an expert, the damage is definitively calculated and recovered. In addition, you pay a 15% success fee if the compensation is paid. For more information, please visit


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