Trade, transport & logistics

Hauliers, forwarders and other logistics service providers have to deal with procedures and arbitration more than once. Often these concern liabilities, damages, compliance with logistics contracts and unpaid invoices. How do you ensure that your business continues to run smoothly – even when there are bumps in the road?

Problems can often be prevented. For example, by seeking legal advice when drawing up and negotiating logistics contracts. Think about the various elements of transport/expedition, storage and warehousing, stock management and ancillary activities. But also: legislation in the field of privacy, customs, VAT and excises. With the help of DeHaan Lawyers and Notaries you will have that part of your business in good order.

Knowledge of various legal areas in our sector approach

Our sector team Trade, Transport & Logistics combines knowledge of the sector with in-depth legal knowledge. Specialists in the field of transport law, liability law, contract law, employment law, environmental law, corporate law and insurance law work closely together. In this way, they steer all possible questions of entrepreneurs, clients, shippers, logistics service providers and insurers in the right direction. This means you have a team that is used to working in a multidisciplinary manner and across borders.

Every month, we discuss current affairs and best practices within the sector. This way, we continuously broaden our knowledge. Thanks to this integrated cooperation and extensive sector knowledge, we are able to offer well thought-out and practical solutions – always in the interest of your organisation.

Relevant legal fields of trade, transport & logistics

We are happy to help with issues relating to:

  • transport (all arrangements)
  • forwarding, storage and transhipment
  • cargo damage
  • right of pledge and retention (and/or financing and securities)
  • drafting of (international) master agreements
  • drawing up general terms and conditions
  • debt collection, attachment and execution
  • insurance and liability
  • awarding of permits
  • logistics property
  • collective bargaining issues

Naturally, we have knowledge of the CMR Convention, FENEX conditions and Incoterms® 2020. Is your question not included? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our knowledge goes far beyond this list.

Our office is a member of:

  • Netherlands Distribution Country
  • Evofenedex

Would you like to receive more information as a result of the above? Please do not hesitate to contact us.