Corporate law

Would you like advice on starting up a business? Do you want to take over a company or do you have a conflict with a co-shareholder or are you thinking about your (tax advantaged) business succession? Our corporate lawyers are here for you.

Risk management

Doing business is, by definition, taking risks. As an entrepreneur, you can easily oversee a number of risks, but there are also risks that you are unaware of. It is wise to make use of our services when setting up the legal structure of a company, when concluding contracts and when cooperating with other entrepreneurs. Our specialists are engaged in identifying and limiting risks of which you as an entrepreneur are unaware, so that you can focus on your core business: entrepreneurship.

Corporate governance

Entrepreneurs and institutions are increasingly confronted with regulations and codes of conduct concerning the management of their organisation or institution. Organisations must account – both internally and externally – and find a good balance with the stakeholders. It is important that you comply with the regulations without jeopardising the functioning of your organisation. High-level legal assistance is indispensable in this respect. The specialists of DeHaan know these regulations and codes of conduct and can advise on a good corporate governance structure.

Our specialists advise on:

  • establishing and structuring legal entities;
  • making choices about which legal entity suits the company;
  • reorganising companies financially, fiscally or legally;
  • entering into and terminating joint ventures;
  • drawing up shareholder agreements;
  • financing a business and providing security;
  • entering into mergers and acquisitions;
  • drafting agency and distribution agreements;
  • managing personal liability risks.
  • Examples of recent questions to our corporate law specialists:
  • I have a conflict with my co-shareholder. How do I get rid of him/her?
  • I want to sell my company in due course, which actions should I take now?
  • I can sell my shares in my company. Can I force my co-shareholders to sell as well?
  • I want to take over a company, but not all the staff. What should I do?
  • I want to commit funds and invest, but my partner wants to distribute profits. What should I do now?
  • I want to pay out dividends to settle my debts to my company. Are there any risks associated with this?
  • Is a due diligence necessary for a company takeover?
  • I can no longer pay all my creditors. Am I still free to decide which creditor to pay and which not?
  • I am no longer able to pay all my creditors. Are there possibilities to offer my creditors a settlement outside bankruptcy?
  • When do I run liability risks as a director of a BV?
  • What risks arise from group financing?