Privacy statement

DeHaan Advocaten en Notarissen B.V. respects your personal data and ensures that personal information that is provided to us is treated confidentially. The following implements the information obligation laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the data subject(s) whose personal data DeHaan processes.


In this privacy statement we will inform you about the following matters:

  1. Types of personal data
  2. Purposes for processing
  3. Basis for processing
  4. Sharing your data
  5. Security
  6. Retention period
  7. Obligation to provide personal data
  8. Privacy rights of data subjects
  9. Social media usage
  10. Blogs
  11. Business use
  12. Privacy statement changes
  13. Supervision

Types of personal data

DeHaan processes the following personal data:

  • Contact details and other personal data that our specialists need to handle your case;

We can receive this from you or, for example, from a legal expenses insurer that provides the information to us.

  • Contact details that you have entered in a contact form (digital or physical);
  • Other personal data that you provide to us;
  • Personal data that we need to write to you on behalf of our client or to involve you in legal proceedings;
  • Personal data that gives us insight into the use of the website;

View our cookie policy for further information.

  • Personal data from public sources.

For example, your (company) website, the trade register or social media.

Purposes for processing

DeHaan processes your personal data exclusively for the following purposes:

  • Providing legal services, including the execution of an agreement, conducting (legal) proceedings and the provision of notarial services, including arranging legalizations;
  • Collecting claims;
  • Advice, mediation and referral;
  • Complying to our legal obligations;
  • Marketing and communication activities;
  • Recruitment and selection (applications).

Basis for processing

DeHaan processes personal data on the basis as referred to in Article 6 of the GDPR only:

  • Legal obligation;
  • Execution of an agreement;
  • Obtained consent from data subject(s);
  • Legitimate interest.

Legitimate interest

We can process your personal data on basis of “legitimate interest”. For example:

  • Prevent violations of a personality or property right;
  • Litigate and / or institute, exercise or substantiate a legal claim;
  • Inform existing clients about services we offer;
  • Fight against fraud, scams or other unlawful behavior;
  • Hold someone liable for damage.

Sharing your data

DeHaan shares your personal data with third parties, only for the provision of services with due observance of the aforementioned purposes. This could include observation of the practice by another lawyer or civil-law notary, carrying out an expert report or having it carried out or engaging another third party on behalf of DeHaan, such as an IT supplier, but also providing your personal data in connection with the preparation of notarial deeds and agreements, (legal) proceedings or correspondence with the other party.

In addition, DeHaan will provide personal data to a third party, when there is a legal obligation to do so.

A processor agreement is concluded with the third party that processes your personal data on behalf of DeHaan, so this party is also obliged to comply with the GDPR. Third parties engaged by DeHaan, who offer their services as a controller, are responsible for compliance with the GDPR for (further) processing of your personal data. This can include an accountant, lawyer, civil-law notary or another third party engaged for a second opinion or an expert report.

DeHaan will never share your personal data with a party that is located outside the European Union to which the GDPR does not (fully) apply. If DeHaan wants to share your personal data with a party that is located outside the Europea Union it will only do so with prior consultation.


DeHaan values the security and protection of personal data. DeHaan takes technical and organizational measures to guarantee a professional level of security. In case DeHaan uses services from third parties, such as an IT supplier, DeHaan will conclude agreements on adequate security measures in a processing agreement in the context of the protection of personal data.

Retention period

DeHaan does not store personal data that is processed longer than necessary or is required by law and regulations.

Obligation to provide personal data

DeHaan strives for as much freedom and protection of your personal data as possible. This means that we offer as much choice as possible choice in you having to provide your personal data or not.

For example, if you do not want to provide your personal data by allowing (all) cookies, you can still use our website. In some cases, however, DeHaan is forced to request and process your personal data. We are – to name an example – obliged to store the name and address details of all our clients. In some cases we request a copy of your ID card. If you do not wish to provide this information, we cannot provide our services to you.

DeHaan makes an effort to offer complete freedom about whether or not to provide personal data. This means that if possible, not providing your personal data won’t have any (adverse) consequences. In the case that we are obliged to request and process your personal data, we will notify you in advance stating why we are obliged to do so.

Privacy rights of data subjects

You can send a request for access, correction, limitation, opposition, transferability of data, deletion of your personal data or withdrawal of previously given consent via the contact details below. You will receive further notice within four weeks of receiving your request.

There may be circumstances in which DeHaan cannot, or cannot fully, implement your request as a data subject. These circumstances include the duty of confidentiality of lawyers and statutory retention periods.

You can send a request to:

DeHaan Lawyers and Notaries

  • Box 723
  • 9700 AS Groningen
  • e-mail law firm:

In order to be sure that we provide the relevant personal data to the correct person, we ask you to provide a valid passport, driver’s license or ID with a protected passport photo and citizen service number for verification. DeHaan only processes requests that relate to your own personal data.

Social media usage

The websites of DeHaan Advocaten en Notarissen BV,,,, and contain buttons and links to promote web pages to websites such as Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook. DeHaan does not supervise and is not responsible for the processing of personal data by and through such third parties. The use of those media is therefore at your own risk. Before using them, it is advisable to first read the privacy statement of those third parties.

DeHaan tracks website data for statistical purposes. The personal data collected in this way is (mostly) anonymous and will not be sold to third parties.


DeHaan offers freely accessible blogs. All information that is posted in a blog can be read, collected and used by any third party. A request to remove personal data from a blog can be submitted via the contact details under “Privacy rights of data subjects”. In some cases DeHaan is unable to remove personal data from a blog. In response to your aforementioned request, DeHaan will indicate whether the response was unsuccessful and if that is the case the reason of the rejection. In the event that you, as a data subject, post personal data via a third party application (via social media), that third party or the administrator of the application is the point of contact for requests of deletion or other privacy-related questions.

Business use

In addition to the processing of personal data, DeHaan also uses Leadinfo to analyze companies that visit the website. By using Leadinfo, we get insights of company names and addresses. This information is based on IP addresses, which however, are not stored by Leadinfo.

Privacy statement changes

DeHaan has the right to change the content of this privacy statement at any time without prior notice. Changes to the privacy statement will be published on our website.

If you have any questions or comments about the processing of personal data and this privacy statement, please contact mr. Jasper Gevers, Privacy Officer, tel. 00 31 50 575 74 00.


If you have a complaint regarding the way in which DeHaan has handled your personal data and consultation with our Privacy Officer does not have the desired result, you can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

This privacy statement was drawn up in May 2018 and has lastly been amended in June 2020.