Construction and property

Construction, purchase and sale, renting and leasing, building rights, apartment rights and project development. The construction and property sector is dynamic and diverse. The applicable legislation and regulations are increasingly complex. As a result, you are confronted with legal issues on a regular basis.

The specialists of DeHaan are well versed in the legislation and regulations and speak the language of your sector. This makes them pre-eminently suitable as strategic and legal advisors and sparring partners.

Extensive expertise in the construction and property sector

Our specialists work together in a multidisciplinary team of experienced lawyers and civil-law notaries. We are familiar with both the private and public law aspects of the construction and property sector. By devoting special attention to the construction and property sector for many years, we have extensive in-house expertise that enables us to act quickly.

Our construction and property specialists maintain their legal knowledge by taking legal courses on a regular basis. They continuously expand their knowledge of your sector through active participation in relevant network clubs and through membership of the following specialist associations:

  • Environmental Lawyers Association
  • Administrative Law Association
  • Association of Construction Lawyers
  • Association of Property Lawyers
  • Association of Tenancy Lawyers

Our clients

Our clients are parties from the construction industry, such as (sub)contractors, fitters, architects and clients, commercial and private landlords, housing corporations, property managers, estate agents, architects, developers, investors and government authorities.

We operate at the cutting edge of negotiations and disputes. The interests of our clients always come first. This means that, where possible, we seek solutions in an amicable manner, but we do not hesitate to go to extremes in legal proceedings in the interests of our clients.

The following activities are part of the core business of our construction and property specialists:

  • construction law and contracting (contracts, supervision before, during and after construction and disputes)
  • construction time extension, additional and less work, offsetting quantities, cost-increasing circumstances, completion issues, warning obligations, hidden defects, design and implementation errors, construction time overruns and damages;
  • sale, purchase and delivery of immovable property
  • rental and leasing of immovable property (residential property and commercial and office space);
  • advising on project development and area development
  • leasehold and building rights and other rights in rem
  • apartment rights;
  • mortgages, financing and loans;
  • disputes of associations of owners (VvE)
  • lease constructions;
  • eviction and anti-squatting;
  • environmental permits, zoning plans and listed building consents;
  • enforcement;
  • sustainability, the Climate Act, circular construction and district heating.

Our specialists have extensive experience in litigation before judicial authorities and arbitration institutions, including the Dutch Construction Arbitration Council and the Dutch Arbitration Institute.

Feel free to contact us for more information

Would you like more information? Then feel free to contact one of our construction and property specialists without obligation. We will be happy to explain our working method to you personally.