Private and family law

Private and family law

Do you have a relationship problem? Are you considering a divorce? Are you considering starting a mediation process? Or are you about to receive an inheritance and do you have questions about it? We can help you!

Within a personal circle or family relationships, all kinds of situations can emerge and emotions can run wild. Conflicts can lead to lengthy legal proceedings that won’t only cost you emotionally, but also financially. We can imagine that you have other things on your mind than the legal consequences of the matter. But just like with personal conflicts, your legal position is of great importance. Questions that you do not immediately think of can quickly be overlooked by emotions. For example, have you thought of a parenting plan? Are you entitled to any child support and/or alimony? What happens to your pension after divorce? Can you and your ex-partner still find solutions? And what do you do if you are disinherited? We can educate and guide you through any questions you may have and give you advice. By working with you to identify your wishes, we can look for a suitable solution together.  

Among other things, we can provide advice on and guidance with:

  • a divorce or divorce mediation;
  • custody and access issues;
  • drafting or reviewing a parenting plan;
  • establishing or denying parenthood (recognition, judicial finding/denial of paternity, adoption);
  • changing your name;
  • spousal and/or child support;
  • guardianship, mentoring and/or guardianship;
  • succession.

Examples of recent questions sent to our lawyers regarding private and family law:

  • I want a divorce and I have a good relationship with my ex-partner. We would like to make agreements without going to court. Is a mediation process something for us?
  • I've lost my job. Therefore I can not pay the established alimony. Is it possible to modify the alimony?
  • I want to acknowledge my child, but my ex-partner does not support this. Are there any opportunities to acknowledge my child without permission from my ex-partner? And am I entitled to visitation rights?
  • I have been disinherited. Am I still entitled to the estate’s legal portion?

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