New construction project(s)

New construction project(s)

Do you have any questions about buying a new house? We can help you!

Buying a newly built house is slightly different than buying property that has been inhabited before. If you buy a newly built house, you buy from the contractor, or you buy land and find a contractor yourself.

Major new projects require a project solicitor who arranges all the transfers for the entire project. We have been designated by the contractor and project solicitor to work with various new construction projects in Groningen and Friesland. You usually buy a newly built house whereby the costs are payable by the vendor. This means that you, as a buyer, do not need to pay any extra charges for the transfer of the property. You pay no transfer tax, and no solicitor fees for the deed and registration into the Land Register. You can of course also contact us regarding your mortgage deed.

When it comes to a newly built house, you pay a purchase price for the land and a contract price for construction. Often you will pay the contract price in instalments depending on the building’s progress. The payment is done through our account. During the last term we may keep five percent of the contract price as a type of deposit (unless if the builder has established a bank guarantee). This arrangement is a safety guard in case you still find flaws in the delivery. Has the contractor not resolved the problems within three months? Then you can ask us to keep the deposit fully or partially. If we do not hear from you within three months, we will pay the deposit to the contractor.

We can provide advice on and assistance with

  • the ascription. Is it better that the house is on both your names or on solely one of your names? The ascription has tax consequences, for now and for the future. For example, in case of divorce or death;
  • whether it is advisable to draw up a cohabitation agreement or will. That way, you have everything well organised immediately and you can soon fully enjoy your new home.

Examples of recent questions sent to our solicitors: What is a purchase/building contract?

  • Should I insure the house during construction? Or will the contractor do so?

  • Suppose the contractor goes bankrupt. Can I seal this risk?
    • Can I deduct the interest during construction from my income tax?
    • The buy-build contract states that I have to keep my house painted in the same colours as the neighbours. I would like to be distinctive. To what extent this is obligated?

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