Energy law

Energy law

Do you want advice in assessing and negotiating a supply agreement? Do you, as a corporate user, have a dispute with your supplier? Or do you want to take steps to prevent the construction of a wind farm? We can help you!

Renewables such as wind, solar and hydropower receive much attention nowadays. Gas and oil still play an important role as well. For each energy source, the legal work can be broken down into energy production, supply and transportation. We advise a wide range of clients. We provide advice to network operators, shipping and transport companies, consumers and producers of energy. We also assist you with negotiations or proceedings when necessary. This can include various matters such as complex purchasing contracts for gas and electricity for big consumers as well as supervising and setting up joint ventures in - for example - the area of solar energy. 

Full service
The energy law has much in common with other legal areas such asprocurement law, liability law and administrative law. Since we are a full-service firm, we are highly knowledgeable in all legal areas. If your case covers multiple legal areas, we bring knowledge from different legal areas together.

We can advise you on and assist you with: 

  • Completing a purchase contract for the purchase and sale of electricity for major consumer;
  • Completing agreements for the purchase and sale of electricity;
  • enforcement cases/licensing issues;
  • marketing problems on the high voltage network;
  • the (notarial) transmission and objections to cables and pipes. 

Examples of recent questions sent to our lawyers in the field of energy law:

  • A wind farm is built, which means I will suffer damage. How can I recover the damage?
  • What rates may the network operator charge for business users?
  • Could you assist us with negotiating a purchase contract for gas?
  • As an association of owners, we possess solar panels. We have been told that we are therefore a grid operator. What does that mean?
  • May I, as an owner/operator of a holiday park, charge a fee for network management of the park and if so, how much?

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